Adopt Don't Shop

Pet stores sell animals for profit. Shelters take in unwanted, stray or abandoned animals and provide them with veterinary care, food, water and find them loving homes. Make a Fur-ever friend from a shelter.

Foster a Pet

Why not foster if you can't adopt? That means taking a pet into your home and providing it with shelter and care for a predetermined amount of time or until a forever home is found.


In these times, fostering and adopting is the greatest help. However, it is understandable if that is not an option.

Instead, you can donate time and money to local shelters, or feed strays around your home animal-friendly food.

Please contact the shelter ONLY if you live in the city or immediate surrounding areas and adhere to the any and all contact regulations prescribed by the shelter.

Adopt or Foster a Furry Friend

Adopt or foster a dog

Adopt or Foster a Cat

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How can you help?


There are several dog foods and kibble to feed dogs and can be made at home.

Staple Foods to Feed
Boiled Chicken, Egg, Rice and Curd (without salt).

Foods to Avoid
Nuts, Salt, Sugar, Onions, and Chocolates.


You don’t have to be an animal expert to help out at your community’s shelter. You just need to have the time and desire to lend a helping hand. A lot of shelters need a financial push and all the help they can get.

No amount is too small, so check with local shelters and champion a cause passionate to you.


Volunteering during times of social distancing is tricky but possible nevertheless depending on the shelter.

Calling well-known shelters to report strays and dogs in need can also help move mountains.

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Happy Stories 🐾

Leo the dachshund, adopted from Upaghna

Lee looks like an adorable angel, but don’t be fooled by his looks! This naughty dachshund found his forever home through Upaghna.💕🐾

Hello the lab, adopted from Upaghna

Meet Hello, the chocolate labrador adopted through Upaghna! Lisa, her great friend, is blind. But guess what? Love is blind too! And these twobest friends sure do prove it💕🐾

Chippi the Chippiparai, rescued by our developer, Prince

Just 1 year old, Chippi has had an adventure of a lifetime! Rescued by the DoggieDreams' very own developer, all this beloved doggie needed was some love.
Kind, Caring, and Sweet, Chippi is a loyal companion! Just don’t ask him to share food, because he eats, and acts like the king of the house💕🐾

About DoggieDreams

Looking to make a positive impact in the dog adoption process, DoggieDreams was started in Chennai by two high school students, Taraa Gurunath and Freya Pharis.

This platform was created to provide a more accessible experience for the adoption of local rescues. Conceptualised in the wake of COVID-19, we aim to mimic a walk in experience of shelters across the country virtually.

A not-for-profit online space, we have partnered up with several organisations all over India. Promoting the adopt don’t shop philosophy, we believe these are the dreams that matter.